Grandma's Chocolate Pie

Surprise surprise. Yet ANOTHER recipe that has chocolate in it. This is putting quite a damper on my diet....oh well! I saw this recipe on Homesick Texan's blog, and after seeing all the good reviews, I knew I had to give it a try. The only pie I have ever made before was an apple pie, which turned out to be quite scrumptious. I figured this wouldn't be much different. 

Overall, the crust didn't appeal to my taste buds, but the filling was AHH-MAZING. I'm thinking I could possibly use the same recipe for chocolate pudding? We'll see.

Meringue obviously doesn't really have a taste, I just added it on for a pretty finish. Next time, I'll probably leave it out, and will opt for a flaky, butter crust!

My Notes: 
-The crust was dry with the milk measurement given, so I had to add more milk while forming it.

-I didnt have any wax paper, so I rolled it out on aluminum.

And instead of dividing into two, I rolled out one big crust to make sure I had enough, and then I cut off the edges after pressing it into the pie pan.
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