Algerian Sweets: Eid ul Fitr 2011 Edition

Eid sweets are serious business in Algeria. My mom was on Skype earlier this morning with our family overseas showing off the ones me and her made this year. Of course, they didn't hesitate to show off theirs as well. You see, even though nobody really says it out loud, deep down, they're really always trying to out-sweet their neighbors, friends, and yes, even family. Why else would "What sweets did you make?" be the first question they ask as soon as you call them to say Happy Eid? Because they want to see what's up, duh. They want to know if you've made anything new and then of course, they end up asking you for the recipe in more or less words. Sneaky sneaky. 

Ramadan definitely flew by this year though. And although we were really hoping for one more day to finish the sweets sans stress, the moon made it's special appearance yesterday night in Saudi Arabia. Alhamdulilah though. Me and my mom worked together late nights and early mornings to put together 5 delicious gateauxs for this year's celebration. (You can add an 's' to a French word and make it plural right?)

Take a look. 

Maqrout Maqli (Losanges aux dattes frits)

Dziriettes (a la noix de coco)



Tcherek el Aryane

Kaak el Nakache



  1. Masha'allah looks great! Happy Belated Eid!

  2. mm they look amazing! sorry just came onto your blog- havent in AGES! i love them, and hopefully next year i will be actually spenidn eid IN algeria, rather than far away, what about you next year? unfortunatley we cant go for eid ul adha cus its school time *sigh*
    my blogspot is http://haleebwatamar.blogspot.com
    milk and dates hehe.

  3. Hi there, just passing through. My mom makes some of these sweet stuff too. My favorite would be the Kaak. I was born in Oran , Algiers but I am living in the Philippines. When I was in Algeria I just simply eat sfenj for snack. Love your photos of Algerian sweets. my blog is http:morokids.blogspot.com

  4. hi there iam sara from algiers ,i like the pictures but i think the baklawa & tcharak elarian didn`t look nice &you didn`t put any recipies ,thank you &have a very happy eid aladha.


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