Baby Shower Carriage Cake...And Some Cupcakes!

I literally jumped at the opportunity to make this cake. Before my mom could even tell me what the gender of the baby was, I was already online searching through hundreds of baby shower cakes. I've made a onesie cake before, but I wanted to try something different. I kind of hate making the same thing twice. Plus, I like to challenge myself.

This carriage cake immediately caught my eye. From afar it looked simple because there was no carving involved, but once I got to the decorating part, I realized why people get paid for this kind of stuff. I'm pretty sure I wasn't able to walk straight by the time I was done. But then again, I do have a history of back problems so that might have contributed to that.

In the end though, when I was finally done and I stood up on a chair and looked at my cake from an aerial view, the rewarding feeling was indescribable. Mind you, with my perfectionist self, that feeling lasted only a couple of minutes, because then I started pointing out the flaws. I can't help it. I do it all the time.

I guess it's a good thing that not everybody who saw this cake was standing on a chair. And that when you go to Arab baby showers, everyone thinks their dessert is more special than everyone else's, so they end up shoving their plates on the dessert table, and squishing the cake from all angles. Yeah, that's one way to make my crooked writing on the cake look less noticeable. You kind of miss that when half of the wheel is no longer frosted, and the handle no longer exists.


Well, enjoy the pre-disaster pictures :)

I used the extra batter to make some cupcakes...

and topped them with these little mini carriages.

Oh, and did I mention I filled them with icing?
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