Snapshots from Algeria

I'm baaaaaack!! But don't let the extra letters and exclamation marks fool you, I really don't have that kind of energy in me at all right now. I am still so jet-lagged from my 8+ hour flight, and I have no motivation whatsoever to bake or cook anything, nor do I have much of an appetite. That said, I hope you all won't mind me sharing some photos of my vacation with you before I get back into the hang of things.

Just as a disclaimer, all of the following photos are food-related. Because after all, I am a food blogger and it's in our blood to take pictures of everyting we eat. Plus, I definitely did more eating than sightseeing on this lovely trip. I guess my lack of appetite now is nature's way of implying I need to lose a few pounds. Well, message heard loud and clear :) 

Enjoy the pictures!

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