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Housewarming Cake

I DID IT. I bought my first Wilton tip. And then I bought my second one. I probably would have bought all the Wilton tips, as well as everything else in the cake decorating aisle at Michael's, if you know, I was made out of money. But I'm not. So tip No.48 and tip No.233 had to suffice.

And suffice they did. I was really impressed at the awesome detail I was able to pipe onto this cake by using them. I mean, check out that grass. I considered using a star tip to make the grass but I'm so glad I didn't; it definitely wouldn't have compared to grass made by an actual grass tip. The fences on other models of this cake were all made out of fondant, but I chose to make mine just out of frosting and using the basketweave tip. I like to dare to be different. I also like to give myself major hand cramps.

The first time I went around the cake to pipe the top cross bar on the fence, I decided to go around in one shot. I'm not sure how smart of a decision that was. Imagine me, trying to keep a steady hand, pushing out the frosting at a steady pace, and my mom continuously turning the cake plate for me, since I don't have a cake turntable. Now imagine my mom turning the plate too fast and me freaking out and telling her to slow down, and then her slowing down too much, and me freaking out again, and yeah, there you have it; my cake decorating in a nutshell.

The second time around, I was much smarter, and decided to do periodic stops. The areas where I stopped and started again were actually not as obvious as I thought they would be. That made me happy. But what really, really made me happy, was the fact that I didn't mess up on the writing. The "WELCOME" on the welcome mat was as close to perfect as I think I've ever gotten. My secret? Controlling my inner perfectionist desires.

They've always been my biggest problem when I'm decorating. Feeling that something needs to look better. Like the writing, it needs to be bolder. Or the frosting, it needs to be smoother. And in trying to "fix" any of these things, it should come as no surprise that I almost always end up making things worse. With this cake, I finally just let things be. Acceptance. That's what it's all about. 

Accepting that those fence posts aren't going to get any straighter, the frosting isn't going to get any smoother, and the writing isn't going to get any better. Accepting that you did your best and gave it your all, and there will be room for improvement in other cakes. Just leave this one alone :-)

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1 comment:

  1. Your cake looks lovely. I'm sure I wouldn't have the patience to attempt decorating like this since I am such a bad, bad, baker, lol...

    Thank you so much for sharing...


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