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Cupcake Bouquet

Whoever said roses really smell like poo lied. They actually really smell like frosting. Don't believe me? Lean in to your computer screen and take a whiff. Believe me now? No? Well, would you believe me if I told you that someone thought this cupcake bouquet was an actual flower bouquet? You should. Because it really happened.

Ironically, I made this cupcake bouquet on April Fools Day but it was never my intention to fool anyone. I simply wanted to bring a unique gift to a housewarming party and give myself a challenge in the process. The funny thing is, the most challenging part about making this cupcake bouquet ending up being tying the ribbon around the pot in the end. No lie. I had to call upon the help of my mother and even then, me and her struggled to keep the ribbon in place. Every time we'd tie it into a bow, it would slide down because the width of the flower pot was smaller towards the bottom.We finally figured out we could use a piece of tape to hold the ribbon. Geniuses, right?

The rest of the assembly was fairly simple. Mind you, I watched a million and one videos and tutorials beforehand, but of course, they never really prepare you for the moment you slide your first cupcake onto the toothpicks and it doesn't stay put. At that point I remember thinking, what have I gotten myself into? But then I simply tried inserting the toothpicks at an upward slant, instead of straight into the styrofoam, and it worked! 

So once I had that figured out, I had to decide what my course of action would be in regards to frosting the cupcakes. Now, a lot of people online mentioned that their frosting had slid off and I wanted to avoid that at all costs, especially since I would be traveling with the bouquet. So, I decided that instead of frosting the cupcakes while they were on the bouquet, I would frost them separately, allow the frosting to crust overnight, and then slide them back on to the toothpicks the next day.

I know it sounds like a long process, but it's really not. And the results are definitely worth it, even if it does take up a little more of your time. I used boxed cake mix for my cupcakes, so they were a little on the soft side and slightly difficult to pierce with the toothpicks, but once I got the hang of it, I had them all on the styrofoam ball in no time. Frosting them didn't take long either, as all I did was make a simple rose swirl using Wilton tip 1M. I used store-bought frosting which I personally think is a good choice for cupcake bouquets since it crusts easily and you won't have to worry about it sliding off. If you have a buttercream frosting recipe that crusts well, that would work too.

With my cupcakes frosted and toothpicks in place where I inserted them, all I had to do was slide the cupcakes on the next morning. I did end up making some minor adjustments to the location of some toothpicks, but nothing too crazy. Oh, and just to reiterate, I pierced my cupcakes, slid them onto to the toothpicks, and then slid them back off to frost them. I didn't think things would fly by too well if I attempted to pierce them after they were frosted. Also, sliding them all on to the ball beforehand gave me an idea of how many cupcakes I would be using/needed to frost.

The last and final step, aside from tying the ribbon which I already mentioned, was filling in any gaps I had between cupcakes. I saw a couple options online, such as piping leaves with a leaf tip or piping a swirl of frosting going in the same direction as the swirl on the cupcake, but I opted for making tissue paper leaves out of green tissue paper. I thought they would give the bouquet a more realistic look than the aforementioned options. And indeed they did.

While this bouquet may not last as long as a real flower bouquet, it's really fun to put together, it makes a great gift for any occasion, and it tastes way, way better! :)

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  1. Pretty! Pretty! Pretty! I hope I can make one as pretty as this sometime...

  2. This is so pretty, what a lovely gift to give to someone.

  3. Oh how beautiful! The cupcakes look so pretty, and the whole bouquet is just gorgeous!

  4. Wow, this looks so, so beautiful!! I'm gonna try this myself. Thanks for sharing! Liz

  5. So pretty!! I've always wanted to make a cupcake bouquet.. maybe this mother's day I will:) Thanks for all the's always helpful to read other people's experiences first. One of my concerns was the cupcakes falling off the toothpicks.. will definitely remember to put them on an angle!

  6. This is absolutely beautiful!! AMAZING! We hope you'll be back to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday". We loved having you! -The Sisters

  7. This is gorgeous! I'm featuring it on my blog as a fabulous Mother's Day gift idea. It would make a beautiful gift!

  8. I so love this ideal, but what size pot and styrofoam ball did you use??

  9. I'm not sure of the size of the pot, but I did use a 6 inch styrofoam ball. If you go to Michael's, you can test the different size styrofoam balls in the different sized pots and see what works for you.

  10. Absolutely adorable! You are an artist!

  11. Thanks for sharing the tips. This is a beautiful bouquet.

  12. Really pretty mashAllah I would have been fooled too (from a distance) lol up close I wouldn't be able to resist taking a flower I mean cupcake to bite into

    Btw, noor let me know about your blog.

  13. Nice to meet you Asmaa :) Hope you enjoy the blog and recipes :)

  14. Absolutely beautiful!
    Someone on FB has posted this bouquet as their own and taking credit for your work.

  15. Thank SweetTreats! I tried clicking that link above but I guess the person has their profile set to private!


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