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Baby Carriage Cake: Take Two

Back in the day, when I was a very amateur cake decorator and had barely any decorating tips to work with, I made a carriage cake. That carriage cake ended up being a pretty big hit amongst family and friends. So when I recently found myself wondering what kind of cake I should make for a dear friend who had just had a baby girl, it wasn't long before I decided to make the carriage cake again. This time around, I'd have a little more experience, a little more confidence, and most importantly, the proper decorating tips.

I didn't want this cake to be exactly like the other one, so I decided to change the colors. Remember how I had to make red frosting for my graduation cake but I ran out of red food coloring and was left with hot pink frosting? Well, I saved that frosting for this cake. My plan was to use the hot pink where I used brown on the other cake, and a lighter shade of the hot pink where I used pink. The only problem was, I didn't have any of the red gel food coloring left to actually use and get a lighter shade of hot pink. I didn't think of this beforehand, you know, because I'm really intelligent. So, I just used Wilton rose petal icing color to get a deep shade of pink and yes, I know, it looks kind of tacky with the hot pink, but sometimes you just have to improvise and go with it.

The weather wasn't very cooperative when I was decorating. It was really hot and even though I put the cakes in the freezer to chill after I did their crumb coat, it only took a few minutes for their crumb coat to get warm and soon enough, I was getting crumbs in my second coat of frosting. I was also getting frustrated because lately I've been having issues with smoothing out frosting and the temperature wasn't helping. So I just put the cakes back in the fridge after their second coat and applied a third coat later on when the weather had cooled down. That gave me the best results so I might just start doing that from now on.

By the way, have any of y'all noticed that FINE cake board the cake is placed on? So profesh right? I spotted it at a party I went to the other weekend and I asked to take it home since I knew it'd probably end up in the trash. The best part about the board is that it's surface is glossy and easily wiped clean, so not only did it look brand new when I brought it home and cleaned it, but I also was able to re-pipe my baby carriage handle when I messed up the first time.

What I wish I could have re-piped was the writing, more specifically the date the baby was born. I was doing so well but I ended up slanting down when I wrote "2012". The word "Welcome" should have been more centered too. And I probably should have used hot pink for the writing so it would have been clearer. I originally wanted to use tip #2 for the writing, and I did end up doing so for "welcome" and the date, but I figured the name should be more prominent so I used tip #3. It was a bit more prominent, but like I said, using hot pink would have made a bigger difference.

I am my own worst critic as you all may have noticed, but I will cut myself some slack on the piping because after all, I was piping on hills of ruffles, rather than a flat surface like I usually do. And I will also say that I definitely see improvement in this cake over my first one. My wheel spokes are more equal and uniform, the shell border looks like a proper shell border, and my hearts came out on point. But I'm mostly happy about the big smiles on the faces of the recipients of this cake, that's really what makes this all worth it.

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  1. I've been a silent reader of your blog for a while now. Its nice to come around here every couple of days and see what you've come up with.
    Any chance you could give us the recipes for the cake and more importantly the frosting? :)

  2. Hey m, I actually just use boxed cake mix and store bought frosting. It cuts down on time, since I like to focus mostly on the decorating :) I do hope to make my cakes/frosting from scratch someday, and I'll be sure to post them here when I do!

  3. Wow this is apsolutely beautifull. I like the techniques that you used.

  4. you. are. awesome, meemz.

  5. Wow, not only are we both Muslim food bloggers, but we're also about-the-same-age stay-at-home-daughters! I'm so happy you commented on my blog, I feel like we would be really good friends if we knew each other in real life :)

    I scrolled down your homepage and have to say that you are so talented at cake decorating! I've admittedly never tried decorating a cake in make me REALLY want to try! This carriage cake is absolutely beautiful

    Awesome job. Can't wait to see more insha'Allah! :)

  6. Girl, YOU'RE the talented one! Fondant is way harder to work with than buttercream and look at you owning it, with no problems at all! You are definitely an inspiration, and I hope one day I'll be able to take on fondant like you do :)


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