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Layered Banana Pudding Cups

At this very moment, I am so stuffed I can barely breathe. I could easily go into hibernation right now and have the food I ate today suffice me for a few months. Summer gatherings are going to be the death of me people. Or should I say, the fat of me.

That diet that I've been planning to go on for weeks now, hasn't happened. And by the looks of things, won't be happening. Even if I can somewhat control what I make for myself at home, I can't control being invited to parties and picnics which means I can't control the urge to want to make something for said party and picnic, and 99% of the time, that something isn't healthy and 100% of the time I won't mind "tasting" it, and yeah, you know how the rest of the story goes.

I actually had some sort of willpower with these banana pudding cups though. I only had one chocolate cup at the actual party, and random spoonfuls of the vanilla one from other people's pudding cups. Don't worry, they were my mother's, father's, and nephew's. I didn't going around digging into random people's puddings. But if I had, I probably would have dug into people's chocolate cups, not the vanilla ones. Now those were amazing.

I know when it comes to chocolate desserts, I'm slightly biased, but I promise, this is a completely unbiased opinion here. The reason I really liked the chocolate pudding cups is not because of their chocolate(although it was a nice addition), but because they were made from scratch! I used Lindsey's recipe and it did not disappoint. Oh, and side note: I don't think I'll ever have to do another arm workout again if I keep making puddings and pastry creams and bechamel sauces. I think they've got me covered whenever I need to "feel the burn".

Now just because I preferred the chocolate pudding cups over the vanilla ones, it doesn't mean the vanilla ones weren't awesome and "refreshing", as the party guest of honor referred to them. Their recipe came from Bakerella's blog and we all know that woman knows what she's doing. I think everyone is pretty familiar with combining instant pudding and Cool Whip; well, Bakerella upped that combo by throwing in a can of sweetened condensed milk. Like I said, she knows what she's doing.

Both recipes call for being layered in a large serving bowl, but I think we can all agree that miniature and portable things are so much cuter, especially for parties. So I layered the puddings in 9oz. plastic cups, and instead of things getting messy with people transferring the pudding to their plates, each person got their own tidy little serving. And not to toot my own horn, but everyone raved about how cute the cups were, so I think overall, it was a job well done :) You should make them for any parties you may have coming up, I think they'll be quite a hit!

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