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Princess Castle Cake

Every fairy tale has a happy ending...and her birthday will too when she sees this spectacular cake. Covered with bright candy trims and ice cream cone turrets, it's a royal treat fit for a princess. What better way to let a little girl know she rules!

You can quote Wilton on that. That excerpt is straight from the Wilton Cake Decorating Beginner's Guide that came with my 53 piece cake decorating set. The same guide that included the tutorial to make this adorable cake. You didn't think I could be this creative on my own, now did you? I'm just really good at imitating things. I guess it's because I started at a young age when I would forge my dad's signature on school exams that had a not so perfect score. Seriously though, how horrible is it that teachers make you take tests back home to get signed if you get a bad grade? So cruel.

Anyways, the most creative I got with this cake was just changing up the colors used for the frosting. The original cake in the book was all pink with pink stars, but since the birthday girl was a fan of Princess Belle, I decided upon white with yellow stars. The stars were made using Wilton tip 129, which is most commonly used for drop flowers. As for the candies, the original instructions said to adorn basically the entire cake with them, but I kept it simple and just framed the castle door. My candies were particularly large so anywhere else on the cake, they would have just looked bulky and unnecessary. 

Me and the birthday girl considered putting a mini Princess Belle doll on the cake but after careful contemplation, we agreed that the cake would look much better with "Princess Amina" written on it. After all it was her cake and her castle, and what a princess wants, a princess gets :)

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