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Housewarming Cake II

After a long and unexpected absence, I am finally back everyone! And oh how I have missed you! Hurricane Sandy stole me away for a little bit to teach me a lesson about appreciating what I have and never forgetting to be grateful for it. T'was a pretty beneficial leave of absence, I would say. I may have not gotten any cooking done, but I did recieve some chicken soup for the soul.

Right before Hurricane Sandy took New Jersey by storm though, I did manage to get some baking done. And some decorating, as you can see. This is my second installment of housewarming cakes. This was the first, in case you missed it. I clearly opted for a more simple approach with this cake. I did consider going all out, with grass, blue skies, a house, a fence, maybe some flowers--but then I saw this idea online of writing the house address with a sold sign, and I thought, perfect.

It's simple, but it's elegant. And it's different. Everyone thinks of putting a house on a housewarming cake, but rarely do you see an address. Now, I didn't use a ruler with this cake, so you'll have to excuse all the uneven-ness going on. Overachiever me thought she could just eyeball this thing and have it come out perfect. Overachiever me thought wrong.

It's funny because whereas I thought I could make a perfect little border without a ruler, I wasn't confident enough to freehand pipe the address. So I used a toothpick to trace out the letters and numbers, then piped over the tracing, but I somehow still managed to have my writing come out a little odd looking. Gotta love it. I guess one day when I hopefully get really good at this, I'll have something to look back on to make me laugh and/or make me proud.

In other news, the cake tasted really, really good. I used this recipe, only doubling the cake batter to make two 13x9 inch layers. And I made sure to tell everyone beforehand that the cake had a chocolate chip cookie dough frosting as a filling so they'd all be eager to cut into it and would avoid actually looking at my uneven decorating. I think it worked. There's just something about cookie dough that makes a crowd go wild.

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