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Baby Boy Carriage Cake

Does this cake look familiar to you? Well, it should. This is my third time making it. The first two times, I made it baby girl themed. This time around, I made it for a baby boy. And this time around, I made little carriage cupcakes to go with it.

Cayooot right? My brother took one look at them and said "Who puts mints on cupcakes?". Um, I do. And mints are totally in season right now, so go somewhere.

If you take a closer look, you'll also see another difference between this carriage cake and previous ones. Here, let me zoom in for you.

Check that out. A basketweave pattern, made using basketweave tip #48 and this handy dandy video. I don't know why I waited so long to try this technique; it's really much easier than it looks.

You probably can't tell from these pictures but this was more a mini-version of my original carriage cake. I made the actual carriage with a 9-inch round pan and I made the wheels with a 4-inch mini springform pan.

A lot of times I get comments on the cakes I make asking me for recipes for the cake and frosting and I hate to be a disappointment, but I usually just stick to doctored up boxed mixes and store bought frosting, unless I've stated otherwise. I really do want to branch out and start making my cakes from scratch as well as my frosting, but right now, it cuts down on time to use store bought items, especially since I focus most of my time on the decorating.

That said, I actually did use a scratch recipe for the carriage, and it was Averie's chocolate cake which was fantabulously moist and chocolatey, so you should definitely try it. (Run-on sentences are my specialty). 

The cupcakes were Lori's white wedding cupcakes (a doctored up cake mix) and the frosting was Duncan Hines. And if you're wondering where the baby feet cupcake liners are from, well, they're from none other than the amazing Michaels.

Do any of you prefer a certain brand of frosting over the other? They all kind of taste the same to me but the other day Betty Crocker tasted a little better than Duncan Hines so now I'm curious. Leave me some feedback in the comment section :)

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