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Baby Shower Dessert Table

So, remember how last weekend I showed you guys a picture on Facebook of a ruffle cake that I made for a baby shower? Well, that ruffle cake was actually part of a larger dessert table that I catered all on my own! Yup, that's right. Yours truly was requested to make a cake, as well as three other desserts for this adorable tea party themed baby shower.

The desserts of choice were peaches and cream bars, snickerdoodle truffles, and chocolate chip cookie stuffed Oreos. I had only made one out of the 3 before (the cookied stuffed Oreos), and I had never attempted the desired ruffle design on the cake, so I was basically freaking out. But, you know me, I love a good challenge. So, I put my game face on, plotted how and when I would make everything, and got to work.

Gratefully, everything went smoothly. The hardest part, or I should say the most time-consuming part was making the truffles. I will make a four tiered wedding cake before making three dozen truffles ever again! Rolling, dipping, drizzling, and sprinkling is exhausting. But I guess someone who makes cake pops or truffles all the time would have a different opinion on it. Just like if I were to tell you that making this three layered ruffle cake was super easy, you'd be like no way. But I've made so many cakes in my day, that this one really was a cinch!

The technique was super simple to learn thanks to Youtube. My main concern when making it was my frosting running out, since according to everyone on the internet, it uses A LOT of frosting. So, I was basically holding my breath the entire time I was piping and you know what, I ended up using every last bit of the frosting with no more to spare. It would have been really annoying to have to make another batch and get the right color, so thank God, life was working in my favor that day.

Of course, this is the part where I tell you that I saw so many imperfections in the cake and I wish I had done a better job. And you're probably thinking no way, it looks perfect! Well, you win today. I can't argue with you because the cake was in fact a huge hit at the party, so perhaps I'm just a little too much of a perfectionist when it comes to cake decorating. Yes, definitely that.

Now I've saved the best for last. I'm sure y'all have been eyeing those crazy cute teapot cookies gracing the table near my cake. Well, those were made by the host of the baby shower, aka my dear friend and blogger over at Save Me A Plate. It was her first time making them but you honestly couldn't even tell! They turned out amazing and they really tied the table together.

Overall, I think my first dessert table was a success and I would definitely be open to doing more in the future. Now stay tuned, cause later on this week, I'll be sharing my first ever royal icing decorated cookies, and you'll want to see them!

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