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What I Ate In Puerto Rico

Hello hello! It has been TOO long, guys. Too darn long. The last time we spoke, I was unpacking. Well, I'm done unpacking and I recently actually went on my honeymoon!...which means more packing and unpacking went down, but I'm basically a pro at that stuff now!

As you probably guessed from the post title, I honeymooned in Puerto Rico! The hubs and I stayed in the beautiful Condado Vanderbilt Hotel which I HIGHLY, highly recommend! Our location was great because the street the hotel was on (Avenida Ashford) had a ton of restaurants and stores. Also, Old San Juan, which is also a prime area for restaurants, was a short taxi ride away. Yes, as a food blogger, I had to make sure I was going to have plenty of food options!

Unfortunately, I didn't make sure my DSLR was always on me so some of these are less than stellar phone pictures! So, I'll try to make my descriptions as vivid as possible :P

Day 1: We landed afternoon-ish in PR and were STARVING. I grabbed a Subway sandwich and the hubs grabbed pizza from a place across the hotel called PJ's Pizzeria. We don't recommend going there, even if you're starving. Maybe we're pizza snobs, but it just didn't hit the spot. But the pizza slices are humongous, so that was nice!

Later on that evening, hubs was hungry but I wasn't, so we walked to Ben & Jerry's to get ice cream for me, and discovered that they actually had a food menu! So, I ordered ice cream (with a freshly made waffle cone!) and hubs ordered loaded fries. Negative on the loaded fries, I think they should stick to what they know best! Also, the service at this place was THE absolute worst.

Day 2: Okay, so on this day, I discovered the only place I wanted to eat breakfast for the next 4 days. Waffler Avenue. This is where it's at, guys. They have the best waffles I've ever had and some pretty amazing coffee as well. They grind the beans for each cup of coffee which I think is so cool. For my first waffle experience, I had the banana boulevard topping which is bananas, nutella, peanuts, and whipped cream. Absolute heaven.

After breakfast, we did some walking and stumbled upon a juice bar, which of course I had to walk in to and order something. Hubs got the superfruit attack and I got the mango berry blitz, but we actually ended up switching since he liked mine more. I though the consistency of both was awesome and the flavor was on point.

I'd give this place a 4.5 out of 5, just because it was a bit on the pricey side!

Later that evening, we had dinner at Di Parma Trattoria, which was within walking distance of the hotel.  It's snuggled right between the Ben & Jerry's and Waffler Avenue. I ordered the cheese raviolis and he had the beef scallopini and we both agree, it was 5 stars!

Day 3: I didn't take any pictures of my meals on this day, so you'll have to use your imagination! I was back at Waffler Avenue for breakfast, of course. This time I got the cookies and cream waffle, which of course, went above and beyond for my taste buds. The hubs actually ordered breakfast at Ben & Jerry's since he wasn't in the mood for a waffle; he got the five cheese grilled cheese croissant which was slammin'! So, I retract my original statement, Ben & Jerrys is good at breakfast food, but not so much lunch/dinner food. 

We had dinner at Ali Baba, which I had high expectations for but it was ..MEH. The fresh bread was really good, but our falafel were the poorest imitation of falafel I've ever tasted, and our mixed grill was just MEH. Portions were small too!

The dessert we had after dinner made up for it though. We discovered a rolled ice cream spot which had a 45 minute wait because it was the only ice cream place open past 10 pm in the area...crazy right!?!! Super worth it though. I got the banana nutella flavor and hubs had chocolate Oreo---side note: Puerto Ricans love Nutella! They even have Nutella iced coffee!

Day 4: We had zero time for breakfast on this day because we had to be up bright and early for a rainforest hiking tour. We grabbed our iced coffee and got on our bus to El Yunque. We stopped for snacks at a little grocery store which also made food...not sure what to call that! I got a fresh mango strawberry smoothie which was the bomb and so cheap too! Only 3 bucks and the hubs got a empanadilla stuffed with pizza sauce and cheese. Also, delicious.

After the hike, we stopped by the Luquillo Kiosks which are a bunch of food truck-like establishments cooking up Puerto Rico's best street food. We tried these arepas based on the recommendation of our tour guide and it was love at first bite! I've got to learn how to make these!

For dinner, we ate at Pirilo in Old San Juan which was phenomenal! This picture, honestly doesn't do it justice. It was light, fluffy, crispy; just everything you want from a pizza and more. We give this place 10 out of 5 stars!

Of course, I had to have my ice cream every night so we tried a gelato place back near the hotel; ermagerd dulce de leche gelato is EVERYTHING. But with PR heat, we should have stuck to eating it AT the gelato spot since it went from 100 to melted in 0.5 seconds.

Day 5: Happy birthday to me! Yes, it was my birthday on my honeymoon, I was a lucky gal. The hubs brought me breakfast in bed---banana boulevard waffle from Waffler Avenue...isn't he perfect?! He also brought himself a multigrain grilled cheese sandwich which I actually ended up eating most of, because it was just too good! I'm tellin you guys, Waffler Avenue does not fail to impress.

Fast forward to dinner time, we ate at a Mexican restaurant, which was recommended to me by one of my Instagram followers! It's called La Madre and it is located in Old San Juan. I was told everything on their menu is to die for and I have to agree! My fajitas were fresh and tasty and the hubs' burritos were also superb!

Even though service was slow, I insisted on ordering dessert because a fried brownie sounded too good to resist. As far as the texture goes, the brownie was sort of a cross between cakey and fudgy which is good, because I feel like too fudgy may have been overwhelming. As a whole, and especially with the ice cream, it was a five star dessert. The hubs and I destroyed it!

Day 6: We totally had Burger King for breakfast. Well, I don't know if you would call it breakfast because we overslept by a lot. But guys, it was a great meal. Fun fact: Burger Kings in Puerto Rico don't use half as much salt on their fries as the other 48 states use! Also, everything just tasted much more fresh. We loved it.

For our final meal in Puerto Rico, we actually decided to try an authentic Puerto Rican restaurant. I so wish I had taken a picture because it was the best food ever. I ordered arroz con pollo, with beans on the side, and fried plantains. And the hubs had tilapia with rice and beans on the side. We both couldn't stop raving about our meals.

And that wraps up our honeymoon! We didn't get to try mofongo which everyone kept telling us about, but maybe next time! I definitely plan to return to this beautiful island!

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