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Eid Sweets and Delicacies

Eid, the Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, is coming up in just a few days. This means, get out your rolling pins. In fact, get out every single baking utensil you have. Well, if you're Algerian that is. It's an Algerian tradition to make at least 10 different sweets for Eid; my mother usually makes only about 5 or 6. In past years, I've offered my help here and there. And this year, I wanted to take full responsibility and make them all myself.

So.. after some angry attempts, asking my mother's help, putting the dough back in the refrigerator a million times (because when it's warm it rips apart), grunting and groaning, I successfully made ONE sweet, known as Tcherek el Aryan.

I used Warda's recipe but I didn't shape my tcherek the same way she did. Instead, I improvised and made this.

Basically, what I did was separate the almond filling into three parts and I dyed one part pink with food coloring, and the other part green. I shaped them into small balls. Then I cut the dough into small triangles, and folded it so that each ball of almond filling would show.


However, I think I'm regretting taking on responsibility of Eid sweets this year. Eh, maybe I'll let my mom finish the rest.

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  1. I went to warda's page and this actually look pretty simple. I think I may give it a try. I'm almost done the baking. Thanks for sharing because I like the way that yours looks.

  2. well done mashaAllah they are very pretty! I decided to get them in and have ordered sweets alhamduilah you can get most algerian treats here in london now mashaallah!

  3. They look stunning! I love this shape even better than the traditonal one. LOVE IT! I haven't made Tcherek yet. May be tommorow, along with Caak. Eid moubarak to you and yours! And good luck with the remaining sweets ;)

  4. Very pretty! Mimi you are really talented!!

  5. These are so cute :)! They look like tasty Christmas presents with sweet edible wrapping :)!

  6. Salam, I run and we are having a halal cooking contest in April and I'd like you to enter. Go to and check us out. The winner gets a $200 prize.

    Thank You,


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