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Puff Pastry Shells with Beef & Vegetables

Carrots, mushrooms, peas, green olives, and cubes of savory beef overflowing a puff pastry shell. Are you salivating yet? I am. Well, I don't have to be considering I just ate this for dinner. It's one of my mom's famous recipes. I helped myself to two heaping servings. MMM mm good!

I'll post the recipe as soon as possible. Keep tuning in to my blog for more healthy and delicious recipes :)

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  1. I recently found your blog and I am in LOVE. love.

    I made your pineapple upside down cake this week. YUM! I brought it to my co-workers in order to prevent myself from eating the whoel thing. I think you may have gotten me a pay raise. Keep em coming.

  2. Aww Im flattered! Are you Algerian? Its nice to meet you habibti :)

  3. Mash'Allah new, freshly looking blog!
    Funny, we just ate those puff pastry cases tonight. I filled them with tuna, chuncky tomatoes, anchovies and a sprinkle of grated cheese, yummy!
    Will try yours next time.

  4. Me, Algerian? NO! but I'm married to one.

    I have to say that I made that cake again last night. I had a friend over for iftar and it was the perfect dessert. Thanks, again.

  5. I see, well I'm Algerian. 100%
    Yeah, that cake is pretty darn good :-P

  6. How interesting! I thought you were a fellow american/brit married to an Algerian. Somehome pineapple upside down cake and au gratin potatoes didn't yell out algerian at me. Anyhoo, I'm still n love :) Keep those recipes coming. I hope you are having a beneficial ramadhan.


  7. Lol, no not at all. Im only 18, not yet married :)
    Well, if those didnt yell out Algerian to you, I was sure that the couscous and mthouwem would LOL.
    My mom has been teaching me how to cook since I was young.
    I try to post a fair share of Algerian food on my blog, as well as Middle-Eastern.
    Take care and Sa7a ramdankom :)

  8. Nice new look , new way to enjoy valuvents intresting!


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