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Superbowl XLVII Cake

So, how about them Ravens? Or more specifically, how about Joe Flacco? He tore it up yesterday and officially earned himself a spot amongst the elite. Helmets off to him! Apparently, his contract is about to expire. Wouldn't it be the coolest if the Jets picked him up? Oh, a girl can dream.

Football talk aside, check out this game day cake! For once in my perfectionist life, I am pleased to say that I am ecstatic with how this cake turned out. It is the new and improved version of my first Superbowl cake, which I made way back when I had no decorating tools or any experience. Embarassing, I know. But I like to think that I've redeemed myself with this one :)

For starters, I made the cake bigger, by baking two 13x9 inch cakes and putting them side by side. I also used a ruler to mark my yard lines and an actual Wilton bag and round tip to pipe them. I also drew the team names in the endzones, free hand, in a straight line. And I piped the words "Super Bowl" on the football without messing up, AND accurately placed the football on the center of the field.

As for things that I didn't quite improve on--yard lines. Yard lines are serious work. Even with a ruler handy, I couldn't quite divide them up properly, so some of them were a bit wider than others. It's probably not something people can off the bat notice, but of course, my perfectionist self does. Moving on, even though this cake was wider than my previous one, it still wasn't wide enough for me to be able to mark all the yard numbers. So, I had to settle for just marking the 50 yard line again. I probably would have had space if I chose to mark the 10 yard line and the 30, but that would have looked a little tacky.

Also, you may or may not have noticed, but the yellow color outlining the word "RAVENS" in the endzone, is a tad bit brighter than the actual golden color in the Ravens logo. Leave it to me to mess up a crucial part of a football field cake. I didn't realize the color was so bright until I piped it against the purple and at that point, I couldn't go back. Fortunately, I fixed it before I piped the 49ers end zone. Adding chocolate frosting to yellow makes it gold, a little tip I learned.

And that's all for my nitpicking about this cake folks! I fear if I go on any longer, you might think I'm fishing for compliments ;) In reality, I'm just a psycho perfectionist that sets an incredibly high standard for myself when I make a cake. A standard that I almost always never reach.

That said, the first moment that I lay eyes on my completely finished cake--I always feel like I'm on top of the world.

Anything I made a fuss about out during the decorating process, anything I was upset about, anything I wished could be better, completely leaves my mind in that moment. All I can think is "Wow, I made that". It's kind of like childbirth, except with a lot less pain. And a few other major differences, but you catch my drift :) 

Congratulations to the Ravens and let's go Jets for Superbowl XLVIII!

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